Our Vision


To be the Preferred Short-Stay Brand in Asia

Our Mission


We create happy & empowered property owners by helping them to maximise rental income with zero hassle throughour comprehensive short-stay management services.

Core Values of Our Company


Our team members are responsible & accountable in providing the very best of services to our clients. You can always count on us.


We believe in uplifting others, focusing on the good while also being aware of any shortcomings, and creating solutions for any challenges that may come our way. We can and we will.


We love what we do, and it shows in how we perform at work, how we communicate with everyone and how we serve our clients.With heart & enthusiasm.

How We Want Our Property Owner Clients to Feel

  • Assured – They feel confident and enjoy peace of mind because they made the right choice with WideBed.
  • Empowered – They feel free to do other important things in life because WideBed takes away the hassle of short-stay management while helping them boost their income.
  • Happy – They enjoy more time, money, freedom & peace, and they are able to share their happiness with people they care about.

How We Want Our WideBed Guests to Feel

  • Comfortable – Guests who book any WideBed-managed property feel settled-in and right at home.
  • Delighted – They are happy with the whole WideBed experience from booking and checking-in to staying, so much so that they miss the space after checking-out.
  • Valued – They feel important & appreciated from the service given before, during and after.