How do you charge your services? Whats the percentage?

Key management is RM388 per year exclude property agent fees of 1.25 months; Tenant management fee is 10% of the monthly rent. Charges for the option services will be quoted on request. All fees included.

Would you help to filter out tenant for behalf of owner?

We will request details from the prospect for owner to make final decision before accept any tenant.

Can I pass another spare key to other agent/friends?

Not advisable due to security and possible dispute however if owner request, they have to responsible and sign additional letter with us.

If tenant failed to pay rent, who is responsible for chasing payment?

WB only charge upon successful collected rental from tenant.

Would you help to settle my current all outstanding bill (eg. Utilities, quit rent, & etc) 

Owner required to settle all outstanding before hand over to WB, should owner request WB to pay there will be charges.

Can I terminate the services in future after I have signed?

Yes, minimum 2 months written notice required and send to tenantmanagement@widebed.com