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    Mid/Long-Term Rent Management


How do you charge your services? What’s the percentage?

Key management is RM299 per year excluding property agent fees of 1.25 months; Rental Property Management fee is 10% of the monthly rent (Tenancy 1 year & above) & 20% for tenancy less than 1 year (monthly rent).

Would you help to filter out tenants on behalf of the owner?

We will request details from the prospect such as ID/Passport, employer/university, home address &, etc for the owner to make a final decision before accepting any tenant.

Can I pass another spare key to other agent/friends?

Not advisable due to security and possible dispute however if the owner has a potential tenant request viewing, owner may contact us and we will arrange for the key collection or viewing.

If tenant failed to pay rent, who is responsible for chasing payment?

We will send reminders & serve notice to the tenant, and we only charge upon successfully collected rental from the tenant.

Would you help to settle my current all outstanding bill (eg. Utilities, quit rent, & etc) 

The owner is required to settle all outstanding before hand over to us, should the owner request us to pay there will be charges.

Can I terminate the services in the future after I have signed up?

Yes, a minimum of 2 months written notice is required and send to owner@widebed.com

When will I receive my rental payment?

Upon receiving rent from the tenant we will transfer it to owner within 14working days

Would you update the owner of the rental payment date with the statement?

Owner will be given a log-in account to our system to check the monthly statement records.

Would you help to inspect the house condition and handle any repair works?

Yes, we will conduct a regular maintenance check with the tenant and if there is any repair work is required we will inform the owner of the cost before proceeding with repair except it is an urgent defect or small work.

Can I rent it out for short-term before getting a long-term tenant?

Yes, your property must be fully furnished & also provide the necessities items such as linens & kitchenware according to the checklist given by us

How do you decide on the rental for both short & long-term rent?

We will always monitor the market trends, rates and leverage various tools to optimize the rental income for owners

Do you provide services to help the owner inspect defects for a new property?

Yes, the defect inspection services are available at a charge from RM400 depending on the size of the property.


1. Sign up at our website

2. Our consultant will verify your property, understand your needs & decide the services (Optional staging if required)

3. Signing service contract & start secure tenant

4. You will be notified upon secure tenant & receiving the monthly statement

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